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++ Foreigner ... If you would like to work in Thailand, you must have a Work Permit .But for your visa must have a Non-immigrant B visa or "O" to apply for a Work Permit, because Transit , Tourist visas or W.30 are not permitted to do a Work Permit . And the important personal documents you have to carry are; education and job experience certificate or Married certificate ,must be translated in to Thai or English . You have to pick up your Work Permit book in person at the Department of Employment. First, please check the correct detail and the validity period.

You must apply for extension of :

1. The expiration date of Visa. (Work Permit Extension)
2. The renewal according to the due. (Work Permit Renewal)

++ After you have got a Work Permit, have a personal income and residing in Thailand for a period or periods aggregating more than 180 days in any tax (Calendar) year. You must submit for Personal Income Tax at the Area Revenue Branch Office within the last day of March following the taxable year.
++ In case of you have any change, you must notify the Employment Service Office to update the information as soon as possible.


Work Permit renewal according to the visa that we usually call Work Permit extension is permitted to valid as long as your visa is , and your Work Permit extension should be stamp up on the same day as your visa extension .When the duration from the last expiry date of the Work Permit to the due of the yearly renewal is later than 60 days,your visa application is under consideration the immigration will extend 30 days (one time or several times) until you get the one year visa extension. The holder must report to the employment office 1 10 or Department of Employment .

++ In case of the permitted visa extension has got longer than the renewal according to the due, the officer will decrease the valid day to be equal to the day of the renewal according to the due. After submitting , the officer will give the date up to the day as your visa extension.

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