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After you have got Non - Immigrant “B” and the Work Permit ,you must apply for long term visa for one year before the expiry date at the Immigration office or One Stop Services Center for visa and Work Permit (Specify Qualification Applicant) or the Visa Center at the Office of Foreign Workers Administration,The Immigration officer will first extend your visa only 30 days for considering. At least 3 working days before the visa extension expires, you have to go to Immigration office again and check your status. The officer will probably stamp your visa more 30 days extension if during waiting consideration, until you will get the one year extension visa.

++ In case of you get one year extension visa to stay, you must notify the Immigration Bureau every 90 days, or just before 90 days.

++ Be sure that you should not travel out the country without Re-Entry Permit because if a re – entry permit is not applied for, the visa will automatically be cancelled at departure, although it may not have expired yet.


Retirement visa is a good visa for the person who are over 50 years of age and would like to stay in Thailand with - out Work Permit . But the important thing is you must have cash in Thai Bank not less than 800,000 Baht. And after you prepare your documents, you can apply for this visa at Immigration Office. The immigration officer will consider and give you a one year extension to stay in Thailand.


Non-immigrant visa (Business Visa ) is a visa for who wish to work in Thailand ,This visa can apply for work permit .In case of you want to get Non-Immigrant visa (Visa B), you have 3 Alternatives to do this ;

1. Getting Non – Immigrant visa outside the country. To get a Non -Immigrant visa, you need a letter of recommendation (Non - B Letter) and registration documents which certified by the authorized person with the company seal from the company you are going to work for, you can submit an application for a Non - immigrant “B” visa at the Thai Consulates outside Thailand or Thai Embassy in your home country . Your best choice is a Multiple Entry Visa , it is not good if you plan to apply for Work Permit immediately after getting the Non - immigrant visa. Single Entry Visa is good for you to do this.

2. In case of your have not yet entered Thailand and the company in Thailand wishes to employ you .The employer is personable to apply for Work Permit for you, then your employer sends you the letter of confirming the successful application (you should come to Thailand and submit Work Permit within 30 days after receiving this letter ) and some documents for applying the visa Non - immigrant “B” at the Thai Consulates or Thai Embassy at your home country.
3. foreigner prepare personal and company documents with original to submit in support of the application for visa or visa status alteration at the Thailand immigration office.But the application must be submit at least 21 days before visa expiration .The Overstayingcould not be submitted.


In case you wishes to travel aboard before your visa expires, you must apply for a re - entry permit . A re – entry permit allows you to re - entry the Kingdom and use the time remaining on your visa. You can apply it at The International Airport or at Thai Immigration .There are 2 options are available ;

1. Single Re - Entry Permit means that you must apply this form every time when you leave, and you should apply when you have a short time extension.

2. Multiple Re - Entry Permit means that you apply for leaving only one time but you can leave many times within 12 months. You should apply for Multiple Re - Entry Permit if you always travel out the country or when you receive one year extension.

On your return to Thailand, don’t forget to note the Re-Entry Permit number on your Immigration arrival card(TM – card) and check that you are stamped in correctly.

Holders of Multiple Non-immigrant visas do not need re - entry permit, as they will get a new 90 days to get entry stamp on arrival. You only need re - entry permit if you have a short or long time extension that you want to keep.

If a re – entry permit is not applied for, the visa will automatically be cancelled at departure, although it may not have expired yet.

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